100 Cube Startup initiative of IIT Bhubaneswar launched

Feb 12, 2024

Bhubaneswar: “Today we laid the foundation of a new Konark temple IIT Bhubaneswar New initiative of Research and Entrepreneurship Park,” said Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan Similarities were drawn with the historical Konark temple while launching.100 Cube Start-up InitiativeHere at IIT Bhubaneswar on Sunday.
“Hundreds of years ago, the Konark Sun Temple was a reflection of our society's collective 'object of human pursuit' (purushartha). I have full confidence that our higher educational institutions will find solutions to the world's problems. 100 cubes is a small part of it,” he said, emphasizing Odisha’s rich history of innovation evident in the state’s architectural wonders and temples.
He said that innovation is in the DNA of Oriya society. He said, “When Odisha celebrates 100 years of its formation as a separate province on linguistic basis in 2036, around 100 entrepreneurs from the soil of Odisha will lead innovative startups with a valuation of Rs 100 crore.”
He lauded the growing start-up ecosystem in India, especially in Odisha, where 40 per cent of start-ups are led by women, and urged cooperation and support from all stakeholders to nurture and expand this ecosystem. He appealed to all Oriyas to extend their cooperation and play the role of elder brother in handling this Startup Ecosystem Of Odisha.
Taking names of representatives of big corporate houses and government companies, he said, 'We have to take care of our youth. I see a bright future, new ideas, innovation and dynamism in them.”
Pradhan said that due to technology the world is becoming a small village. The whole world is looking towards India because it has a demographic dividend. “The market of these startups will meet the needs of not only India, but the world. There is no problem in marketing. The only challenge is guidance. So I request everyone to give their best to take these startups forward,'' he said.
He suggested teachers to guide the startup and be a part of it. “You too can become a millionaire. Because faculty members can become equity holders in a company. If both the guru and the disciple become partners, this can happen,” he told the teachers.
He said that enrollment of girl students has increased by 32 percent in the last decade. This is the achievement of the last 10 years. “Now STEM education Now it is a priority all over the world. In our country, 43 percent students are in STEM education. This is the highest number of girls' participation in the entire world. This is our country and this is women-led development.
IIT Bhubaneswar signs MoU with 16 companies to form strategic collaboration to achieve 100 cube objective. Oil India Limited CMD Ranjit Rath handed over grant checks of Rs 3.5 crore to four start-ups launched by IIT Bhubaneswar.
During the event, the Minister officially inaugurated the 1500-seat auditorium hosting the event and laid the e-foundation of infrastructure projects worth Rs 450 crore.
Before the launching ceremony, parallel technical workshops for faculty and start-ups were conducted by faculty heads of research parks of IITs, industrialists and venture capitalists. An exhibition of about 50 startups was organized in the campus. He displayed his products there.

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