12 Failed Attempts: UPSC Aspirant’s Story Strikes a Chord Online


Kunal R VirulkarA story of unwavering determination that comes to the fore again and again. failures It has become a symbol of inspiration for UPSC aspirants all over India. Virulkar's journey marked by twelve attempts at UPSC civil services examDeeply connected with netizens after he shared a heartfelt message reflecting his struggles.
In his post, Virulkar highlighted the harsh realities of his search, saying, “12 attempts. 7 mains. 5 interviews. No selection.” This raw honesty resonated with millions of people, garnering over 3 million views and massive support.

community support: Incentive amidst despair
The comment section was filled with messages of encouragement and sympathy. “Wanted to see your name, sir. Maybe life has bigger things ahead,” one user wrote, expressing the sentiment of many – that Virulkar's dedication will eventually be rewarded. others appreciated them Perseverance, stating, “It's heartbreaking, but I have to say, what a journey, man! What a character!” These reactions highlight the immense challenges faced by candidates on their way to crack UPSC, considered one of the most competitive examinations in India.

Recognition from established personalities: Ray of hope
Support came not only from fellow candidates but also from established people like IAS officer Manuj Jindal, who currently serves as joint MD of MSRDC. Recognizing Virulkar's resilience, Jindal offered not only encouragement but also concrete help, saying, “Brother, I can tell from your resilience, no one can stop you from achieving your goals! Best wishes and please Let me know if I can help in any way!”

Embracing the Journey: Words of Comfort and Encouragement
Beyond words of encouragement, there were also messages acknowledging the despair inherent in Virulkar's experience. Mohammad Faizan Sheikh, writing on Yes, something good will happen in this too, trust God, your future will be very bright.”

Rani, another user and a former upsc aspirants Myself also echoed this sentiment. Writing on the Well done and we all are.” Proud of you. You win every time.”
The power of perseverance and community support
Kunal Virulkar's story serves as a powerful reminder that chasing dreams, especially chasing dreams as tough as UPSC, is often fraught with setbacks. Yet, their unwavering resolve and the support they received highlight the power of perseverance and the sense of community that propels candidates on this challenging path.

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