15k ITIs to introduce ‘AI for All’ curriculum for future ready workforce


New Delhi: To ensure a future ready workforce, all Industrial training institute (ITI) will start soon Syllabus ,AI for all,” aims to create awareness on Artificial Intelligence (AI). A new curriculum is to be designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of AI, its history and principles as well as types of AI. Apart from this, learners can also explore the creation of various digital content and the use of AI and Generative AI tools in education.
To implement this, an MoU has been exchanged between the Directorate General of Training (dgt) and the Future Right Skills Network (FRSN) was exchanged in the presence of Union Minister of Education and Skill Development, Dharmendra Pradhan.
According to Pradhan, the curriculum aims to initiate the journey in AI by promoting awareness with a focus on bridging the gap between industry requirements and academic offerings and is important in aligning the academic programs with the emerging needs of the industries. “Skilling is important for new entrants to the job market and re-skilling and upskilling is important for those already working,” the minister said. We are in a disruptive era. Whoever will be able to see it and try to understand it will remain relevant.”
FRSN is a collaborative effort of Quest Alliance, Accenture, Cisco, JP Morgan, and SAP Labs India. The initiative aims to empower 2.5 million learners across 15,000 ITIs, equipping them with essential future skills such as digital literacy, green mindset, problem-solving, critical thinking and workplace readiness.
Akash Sethi, CEO of Quest Alliance, said: “…we also ensure that learners understand and discuss ethical considerations and responsible use of AI.”
The agreement outlines a broad framework for collaboration to work across four broad areas: employability skills, trainer development, women and work, and curriculum and assessment to integrate future skills such as green and AI.

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