5 Chicken Appetisers Thatll Have Your Guests Begging For More


When it comes to hosting house parties, it’s the food and socialisation that make it perfect. While it sounds like fun, a lot goes into planning these house parties, especially choosing what to cook. For this, it is often recommended that we prepare foods that are easy to cook and delightful at the same time. Today, we bring 5 easy chicken appetizers that can be prepared in under 30 minutes. With this list, we are sure you can prepare delightful snacks and also entertain your guests at the same time. Intrigued? Read on to know more.

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Mint chicken tikka is easy to cook and super delicious.

Mint chicken tikka is easy to cook and super delicious.
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5 Chicken Appetisers That’ll Have Your Guests Begging For More

1. Mint Chicken Tikka

Bursting with succulent flavours, chicken tikka bites are mouthwatering appetizers where tiny chicken pieces are marinated in yogurt and spices and then grilled to perfection. This easy snack is simple to make and full of flavours, making it an irresistible crowd-pleaser. To make chicken tikka bites, marinate chicken breast chunks in yogurt, mint paste, ginger-garlic paste, turmeric, garam masala, and red chilli powder. Skewer the marinated chicken and grill until it’s cooked through! View the full recipe here.

2. Chicken Tikka Chaat

This easy chaat recipe combines the bold flavours of tender chicken tikka with tangy chaat spices, fresh veggies, and zesty chutneys. It makes for a perfect crowd favorite at soirees because of the perfect balance of spicy, savoury, and tangy flavours. To make chicken tikka chaat, marinate chicken in yogurt and spices and grill until charred. Mix with onions, tomatoes, chaat masala, and chutneys. Serve topped with crispy sev! Find the full recipe here.

3. Chicken Seekh Kebabs

Flavorful, juicy, and aromatic, chicken seekh kebabs are made by blending ground chicken with herbs and spices, then skewered and cooked to perfection. Its succulent taste and smoky aroma make it a hit at house parties! The best part is that chicken seekh kebabs can be prepared in 30 minutes, making them a perfect choice for entertaining guests with minimal effort. Find the full recipe here.

Chicken seekh is loved by kids and adults alike.

Chicken seekh is loved by kids and adults alike.
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4. Chicken Laccha Pakoras

Irresistibly crispy, Chicken Laccha Pakoras have a crunchy texture and bold flavours. They are made with chicken pieces coated in a spicy gram flour batter infused with aromatic spices. They are easy to make and full of flavours, making them perfect additions to your house parties and soirees. They can be prepared in under 30 minutes and burst with savoury goodness! Find the full recipe here.

5. Tandoori Chicken Naan Pizza

A delightful fusion of Indian and Italian flavours, Tandoori Chicken Naan Pizza is made with tender tandoori chicken, fragrant spices, and creamy cheese on top of a crispy naan bread base. It has a unique blend of smoky, spicy, and cheesy flavours, which are liked by kids and adults alike. To make tandoori chicken naan pizza, spread a generous layer of tandoori sauce on a mini naan bread. Top it with shredded tandoori chicken, sliced onions, bell peppers, and cheese. Bake until the cheese melts and serve hot!

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