5 Hacks To Separate Eggs Easily Without A Mess


In the world of cooking and baking, knowing how to separate eggs is super important. It’s like a basic building block for so many recipes, from cakes to pancakes. However, let’s be real, as easy as it may sound, sometimes, it could get a little tricky. Why does separating eggs matter so much? Well, getting those egg whites and yolks separated properly makes a big difference in how the recipe turns out to be. It keeps things light, airy, and tasty and works if you want to have either of the two. If you are someone who struggles with separating eggs, then fret not! We have some easy-to-follow hacks that are going to save you time and hassle in the kitchen, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro.

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You can easily separate egg white from yolk without any mess.

You can easily separate egg white from yolk without any mess.
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5 Easy Hacks To Make Egg Separating Easier

1. Use Your Well-Washed Hands

Not even the best tools in the world can do the trick that your bare hands can. If you want to separate eggs but have no tools around, use your well-washed bare hands. Crack the egg into a clean bowl. Wash your hands thoroughly and then gently lift the yolk from one hand to another, allowing the egg whites to fall through your fingers into the bowl. Keep transferring the yolk back and forth until all the egg whites have separated. Wash your hands with soap and water afterwards to prevent spreading contamination to your utensils or any other ingredients with raw egg.

2. Shell-to-shell method

If using hands is too much for you, try this easy shell-to-shell method. Crack open the eggshell but make sure not to empty the contents in a container. Hold one-half of the eggshell containing the egg white and yolk, over the bowl. Transfer the yolk slowly from one shell to another and allow the egg whites to fall into the bowl. Repeat this process until all egg whites have separated.

3. Slotted Spoon

Slotted spoons can be found in almost every kitchen. This method could ensure that you separate yolk from egg whites easily and without much mess. Crack the egg into a clean bowl. Hold a slotted spoon over the bowl and carefully transfer the egg yolk onto the spoon. Allow the excess egg whites to drip through the slots of the spoon into the bowl below. Instead of a slotted spoon, you can also use a slotted ladle to do the trick!

Strain the egg for lesser mess and cleaner separation.

Strain the egg for less mess and cleaner separation.
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4. Strainer

Some recipes ask for more than one egg. For these purposes, use a strainer or sieve to separate egg whites from yolk. Take a bowl and crack open eggs onto a sieve or strainer on top of a container. This would ensure you get all the egg yolks in the strainer while the egg whites can drip down in a container. This method ensures a much cleaner way to obtain separated eggs.

5. Plastic bottle

A classic trick, using plastic bottles is one of the quickest ways to separate egg whites from yolk. Crack the egg into a clean bowl. Take a washed, sanitised plastic bottle and squeeze it gently before placing the mouth of the bottle over the egg yolk. Release the pressure on the bottle, allowing it to suck up the egg yolk. Lift the bottle and your egg yolk would be separated from egg whites. Squeeze the bottle again to release the yolk into another bowl or container.

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