5 Smelly Foods To Avoid In Your School Or Office Lunch Box


I remember this incident from a few weeks ago, when Delhi mornings were still cold and people were not letting go of that one layer of jacket or cardigan. I was going to work in the metro and breakfast time was upon us. Now some people have their breakfast early in the morning while others do so after reaching work, depending on their work schedule and body clock. Fair enough. What was not so fair was when one breakfast-hungry passenger pulled open her ‘dabba’, and nearly left the rest of us fighting for fresh air.

Half of the metro coach was filled with a stench so strong, it could only be ‘gobhi ke paranthe’. While the woman ate, passengers around wearing face masks pulled them over their noses, and those without a mask cursed themselves for not carrying one.

I have a lot of love for ‘gobhi ke paranthe’, but some foods should not be packed in a tiffin, for the sake of those in your surroundings. It is best to avoid the embarrassment and be vary of carrying certain foods in your lunch box, the smell of which can be disturbing for you or people around you. Enjoy these foods when they are freshly cooked as packing or reheating can lead to a foul smell.

Here Are 5 Foods To Avoid Packing In School Or Office Lunch Box:

1. Eggs

Eggs are healthy and protein-rich food for a powerful breakfast, however, it is best to not pack them in your lunch. Hard-boiled eggs, omelettes or egg sandwiches can produce a foul smell when the lid is opened later. It is best to eat them at home or eat freshly cooked eggs in or around your workplace. If you want to carry hard-boiled eggs, do not peel off the shell before packing. This can help prevent any smell later.
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2. Cooked Cabbage

If you like eating cabbage and want to carry it in your lunchbox, choose raw cabbage instead of cooked one. Cooking cabbage can release unpleasant odours, which may get trapped inside your lunchbox, leaving a big whiff of stinky aroma when you open it later.

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3. Mooli Ke Paranthe

While some people can make gobhi ke paranthe that do not smell even after packing, the same can be very difficult for radish-stuffed paranthas. Radish has a pungent smell so if you like to eat mooli ka paratha, it is best to eat while it is freshly prepared.

4. Leftover Fish

If you have leftover fish from dinner last night and are thinking of packing the same for lunch tomorrow, it is advisable to drop that idea right away.  Reheating fatty fish like salmon and mackerel can fill the communal office microwave and the air around with a strong, unpleasant fishy smell.
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5. Raw Onions

Raw onions have a pungent and overwhelming scent, which can turn foul and smelly if the onions are not consumed immediately. Therefore, packing raw onions for a side dish is not the best idea. If you want to pack a salad, you can choose from other veggies like cucumber, tomato, corn, carrots and bell pepper.

Have you ever had an unpleasant lunchbox experience? Share with us in the comments section.

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