A girl in Brazil recused from rubble after 16 hours as storm kills at least 12


New Delhi: A search team has rescued a girl who was buried for more than 16 hours under the debris of a house that collapsed after a powerful storm in south-eastern Brazil.
A neighbor reportedly said that the girl's father, who was found dead next to her on Saturday morning, had “heroically protected the girl with his body”.
At least dozens of people have been killed in the storm, prompting authorities to deploy teams to mountainous areas of Rio de Janeiro state. Officials have described the situation as “critical”, caused by deluge.
Four people died after a house collapsed due to the deadly storm.
“We are in pain, but grateful for this miracle,” said Luis Claudio de Souza, 63.
Brazil, the largest country in South America, is struggling severe weather events, possibly exacerbated by climate change. Eight deaths were reported in Rio de Janeiro, including four killed and seven missing in Espirito Santo. This deluge clearly points to the increasing impact of extreme weather in the region.
As such environmental tragedies “Climate changes are becoming more intense,” President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said in a post on Twitter. Lula said thousands of people have been left homeless by the storm.
He expressed sympathy for the victims and said his government was working with state and local officials to “protect, prevent and repair flood damage.”
Espirito Santo Governor Renato Casagrande said the situation in the city of Mimosa do Sul was “chaotic”, adding that the death toll there had not yet been determined.
And in Sao Paulo state, two children were hospitalized with injuries sustained during the storm on Friday.
Rio Governor Claudio Castro said Friday that the situation in Petrópolis was “critical” due to “heavy rains and the swelling of the Quitandinha river.”
Castro confirmed that dozens of soldiers with dogs had been sent to the scene in Rio state, as schools welcomed displaced people.
An emergency committee involving Rio government and civil protection officials reported that about 90 people had been rescued since Friday.
Local media images show torrential rains of water, mud and debris pouring down the hills onto the scenic city of Petropolis, where the devastating storm in February 2022 killed at least 241 people.
In Mimoso do Sul, a fire truck was seen swept off the road by a strong current. The state fire department released photographs on Saturday, showing the entire area submerged, with only the roofs of houses visible.
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