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Mukesh Khanna on Ranveer Singh playing the role of Shaktimaan: 'A person with this kind of image would never...'

The picture was shared on Instagram. (courtesy: ranveersingh)

Is Ranveer Singh new? Shaktiman, The news started doing the rounds after Mukesh Khanna, known for playing the titular superhero in the hit TV show, announced that he would be making a three-film series based on the superhero. Now, the actor has finally addressed the reports in a detailed post on Instagram. Mukesh Khanna said,The entire social media was full of rumors for months that Ranveer will do Shaktimaan. And everyone was angry about it. I remained silent. But when the channels also started announcing that Ranveer has been signed. So I had to open my mouth. And I said that no matter how big a star a person with such an image is, he cannot become Shaktiman. I have put my foot down. Now let's see what happens next?? [From the last few months, rumours have it that Ranveer Singh would portray Shaktimaan. And everyone was angry about it. I remained silent. But when channels started announcing that Ranveer had been signed, I had to speak up. And, I have said that no matter how big a star he is, a person with such kind of image can never become Shaktimaan. I have put my foot down. Now let’s see what happens next],

Mukesh Khanna has also shared a video on his YouTube channel – Bheeshma International – to express his disappointment. The actor said, “I have told the producers that you have no competition with anyone.” spider man, batman, captain planet, Shaktiman He has become not only a superhero but also a super teacher. Now the actor playing the character should have this quality that when he speaks, people will listen. There are great artists, but their image comes in the way.

Last year in June, Mukesh Khanna had shared an update about the upcoming Shaktiman Film, Hindustan Times reports. He had said, “The contract has been signed.” This is a film of a very big level. A film will cost Rs 200-300 crore and will be produced by Sony Pictures, which made Spider Man,

Even at that time Mukesh Khanna had refused to comment on who would play Shaktiman on screen. “What I can say is that I have no part to play in this of power get up now. I have to stop because they don't want any comparison. But the film is coming, there will be a final announcement soon, where you will know who will be in it, who will direct it. It is being built on an international scale, as it should be,” he said.

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