‘About 50% of Berkshire Hathaway’s $364 billion portfolio is invested in this 1 stock’


warren buffettKnown for its strategic investment capability, has allocated a significant portion Berkshire Hathaway$364 billion portfolio Apple, The tech giant accounts for 43% of the portfolio, making it one of Buffett's most profitable ventures, up an astonishing 375% since the beginning of 2016, the Motley Fool reports.
Why did Apple attract Buffett?
Buffett's investment in Apple, started in 2016, reflects his preference for high-quality businesses with strong economic moats. Apple's iconic brand and pricing power, coupled with its wide hardware lineup, led by the iPhone, has solidified its market dominance. Point to be noted is that iPhone Generating $201 billion in sales in fiscal year 2023 alone. Buffett values ​​such strong brand presence, similar to his investments in Coca-Cola and American Express. Furthermore, Apple's impressive margins and cash flow, as well as a strong balance sheet, likely contributed to Buffett's decision to make it a larger part of Berkshire's portfolio.
Berkshire's Portfolio and Investment Insights
Investors often look to Berkshire Hathaway for investment inspiration. However, with the changing dynamics of Apple's valuation and growth prospects, it may be wise to look for other opportunities. For example, the Motley Fool stock advisory service suggests ten other stocks that could deliver superior returns in the coming years, highlighting the importance of portfolio diversification and cautious market assessment.
Considerations for potential investors
Despite Apple's success, investors considering following in Buffett's footsteps should tread carefully. Apple shares are currently considered overvalued, trading at a P/E ratio of 26.6, much higher than the 10.6 ratio when Buffett initially invested. The Motley Fool reports that the company, now mature, faces slowing growth projections, challenging the justification for its current high valuation.
While Apple remains a major company, its current market position and valuation raise questions about its attractiveness as an investment. The stock may not present the same golden opportunity as it did eight years ago, especially given its relatively modest future revenue growth expectations.

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