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Bengaluru: India at the center of Accenture's restructure strategy Number of Employees by entering them Generative AI Flow, The company has identified 12 new data and AI roles to focus on, including data architecture, full-stack LLM (large language models) development, industry and function AI value strategy, visualization science and BI (business intelligence) engineering and Areas include roles. Such as responsible AI, AI LLM technology architecture, AI/ML computational science and AI workforce transformation.
“Our talent strategy is driven by our own digital core,” Elaine Shook, chief leadership and human resources officer, Accenture, told TOI on a visit to Bengaluru. “We want to double the number of people with data and AI skills from 40,000 to 80,000.” Next three years. And to do this, we've defined 12 roles that didn't exist before. We already have 30,000 people ready for those new roles. And each of those roles has learning pathways so that our people can move forward on those pathways,” she said.
Shook said Accenture has set up an India-based Generative AI Academy to train its employees on 12 new roles. “Of those 30,000 people globally, 20,000 are in India, and that academy, while being very relevant to India, is also enabling our people around the world,” he said. Of the 7.3 lakh employees globally, Accenture has more than 3 lakh employees in India. And almost half of the employees in India are women.
Shook said employees can look at the skills they have today, and they can see the skills they need for 12 new roles, and they can learn to re-skill themselves for that role. Can follow the path of. “Accenture invests approximately $1 billion per year in the learning and development of our people. And so, reskilling at scale and speed is our core competency,” he said.
Accenture is equipping 250,000 people globally this year with GenAI fundamentals. “We are capturing AI talent at both the top and bottom levels of our career model. So, we are going to universities where there are AI programs. But we are also hiring PhDs and people who have long-term AI capabilities and experience,” she said.
Compared to peers, Accenture has benefited from an early head start on GenAI deals. Accenture said demand continued to accelerate, with GenAI sales of more than $450 million in its first quarter ended in November. Over the past year, Accenture has worked on more than 700 GenAI projects.
Shook said only 2% of companies in the world have responsible AI programs, and the company has created a role with skills around responsible AI because it is important and it is a rare skill.
When asked about job losses due to GenAI adoption, Shook said, “The headlines in the news are either too gloomy or too optimistic. I am not a futurist and I cannot predict the future. I think the reality will be somewhere in between. And that is why it is so important for organizations to lead responsibly.
Leaders at Accenture are also adopting GenAI. “Last fiscal year, Global Management Committee (GMC) members spent 10 hours, essentially an hour a month, learning together about GenAI. This extends to understanding the components of LLM, the computation power required, why Generative AI should sometimes be used and why Predictive AI should be used at other times. And all of us, regardless of our role, had to go through that level of learning to prepare ourselves to lead the organization, Shook said.

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