Actor Vijay’s journey from campus to cinema, and political plunge

Feb 6, 2024

Actor-politician Vijay.

Actor-politician Vijay. , Photo Credit: ANI

The majestic wooden stairs of the main block of Loyola College echoed with the sound of shoes clinking in the morning.

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The same set of wooden work was the base for Kajol and her friends to dance their hearts out in that iconic hit 'Poopukum Osai Adhei Ketkathan Aasai'. Minsara Kanavu,

This was the early 1990s when the internet and mobile phones had not yet arrived. Latecomers used to run up those stairs after getting the entry slip from the Dean's office below and only then the professor would allow the time violators to go to class. During some rare occasions, a flaky boy B.Sc. He used to join in by running quickly towards it. Visual communication lesson at the college's Sylvan campus in the heart of Madras.

a boy next door

He seemed like the boy next door, without any hesitation, even though people around him knew who he was: director SA Chandrashekhar's son. Vijay, at that time, was making his tentative entry into Kollywood with the debut Nalaiya Theerpu,

Having already made his debut as a child actor in the 1980s, he took new steps in celluloid as a young adult through films that captured teenage curiosities.

Sometimes in the canteen, he would have cold drinks and even when some of his batch-mates became his early fans and were hanging around, he would look clearly uncomfortable with all the attention Was. A few words may be said before he goes back to class.

It appears that he prefers films over academics. Concurrently, there was another star in the making at Loyola, but no one knew Surya, who was Saravanan at that time. Years later, they starred together in Nerukku Ner and Friends. From being a teenybopper star, Vijay attracted the family audience through Fazil's Kadhalukku Mariadhai.

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Later, action films with punchy dialogues also emerged, while his fans spread beyond the borders of Tamil Nadu, with Kerala becoming a solid market for his films. However, Vijay in college and the star he became over the last three decades appear to have different personalities.

organic link

He was very shy then, now he sheds his hesitation and dances carefree in front of the camera or microphone and speaks his mind.

Over the years, the organic relationship between Tamil films and politics has ensured that many stars gravitate towards leadership roles, and some have even been Chief Ministers.

Vijay is the latest to join the group, launching his own party Tamilaga Vetri Kazhagam.

Looking back, it seems that the song 'Na Ready' from his last film Leo has an additional meaning. Perhaps, he was breaking the fourth wall and telling his followers that he was ready to take the leap.

In college, you could run fast, but politics also means running patiently for a long time; It is possible that he may have already made that change in his mind.

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