Aerial footage shows Palestinian gunmen in UNRWA Rafah facility


Tel Aviv: Israeli army released photos and footage Palestinian gunman inside a UNRWA Logistics Facility With UN vehicles in eastern Rafah.
footage released by israel defense forces Several militants were shown huddling around UN vehicles arriving at the compound. The IDF said that at one point it saw a gunman firing at civilians.
The warehouse complex in question is a central point for distributing humanitarian aid in the Rafah region.
“Gunmen, possibly Hamas terrorists, were roaming the UNRWA warehouse in eastern Rafah a few days ago and were identified by an IDF drone,” spokesman Lt. Col. (ret.) Peter Lerner wrote on X, formerly Twitter. Was done.” “The UN needs to answer some serious questions. Imagine what would have happened if we targeted them? The hypocrisy is astonishing.”
Following the incident, representatives of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) briefed senior officials of the international community on the findings and called on the United Nations to immediately investigate the incident. COGAT is a unit within the Ministry of Defense responsible for overseeing humanitarian aid delivery.
Israeli forces took control of the Palestinian side of Gaza's border with Egypt, including the Rafah border crossing, on 7 May, making it harder for Hamas to hijack humanitarian aid trucks coming from Egypt.
In a related development, an Israeli airstrike killed 15 militants inside a Hamas war room located at a UNRWA school compound in the central Gaza area of ​​Nusrat. Among the 15 killed were members of Hamas's elite Nukhba force, which had played a leading role in attacks on Israeli communities on October 7.
On October 7, Hamas attacks on Israeli communities near the Gaza border killed at least 1,200 people and took 240 Israelis and foreigners hostage. Of the 132 remaining hostages, about 30 are believed dead.

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