After bridge collapse, Maryland governor urges Congress to pass funding for rebuild


New Delhi: Efforts are already underway to clean thousands of tons of steel debris following the collapse of the Francis Scott Bridge in the port of Baltimore. assist in the cleanup and reopening of port of baltimoreinitial $60 million emergency aid package has already been issued by the Biden administration. However, the final cost of rebuilding the bridge is estimated to reach at least $2 billion, with a significant amount requiring approval from a divided Congress.
to secure federal funding Rebuilding efforts essential, calls Maryland Governor Wes Moore bipartisan cooperation,
Governor Moore stressed the urgency of bipartisan action, emphasizing that the Port of Baltimore plays a vital role in both the local and national economies. “We need to make sure that we're really moving quickly to get the American economy back on track,” Moore said in a recent interview with CNN.
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg echoed Moore's sentiments, expressing optimism that Congress will approve the needed funding. Buttigieg highlighted the bipartisan nature of infrastructure projects and emergency response efforts, and urged quick action to deal with the current crisis.
The accident occurred early Tuesday morning when a container ship malfunctioned, resulting in the tragic deaths of six road workers and disrupting the Patapsco River shipping channel.
As cleanup efforts progress, officials face the challenge of establishing alternative routes for essential maritime traffic and setting a timeline for reopening the port. Despite these challenges, responders are working tirelessly to remove debris and assess the extent of damage.
Amid the debris, dangerous conditions are hampering the search for the remaining bodies of the dead construction workers. Governor Moore and other officials have avoided providing a definitive timeline for reopening the port and rebuilding the bridge.
President Biden is expected to visit the site bridge collapse In the coming days, the seriousness of the situation and the federal government's commitment to supporting recovery efforts will be underlined. As Maryland grapples with the aftermath of this tragic event, the call for bipartisan unity is resonating as a beacon of hope for the affected communities and the nation at large.
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