After Having “Good Simple Food At Home”, Bhagyashree Enjoys Chaat In Jaipur


Bhagyashree often regales us with her gastronomic adventures and delicious recipes. She sometimes gives us sneak peeks into her foodie dates with her husband too. The star recently took to Instagram to give us a glimpse at her homemade dinner. Wondering what she savoured? It was a no-frills meal. We spotted three types of sabzis: cabbage with carrot, a leafy green preparation and what we’re guessing is ghiya (bottle gourd). Bhagyashree paired them with what looked to be brown rice. Wholesome, isn’t it? “Good simple food at home. Dinner time!” read the text on the photo. Take a look at the screengrab below.

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The following day, Bhagyashree shared another foodie update that seemed all about indulgence. In a short clip on her Instagram stories, she can be relishing chaat in Jaipur. Our mouths are watering now! About the experience she wrote, “So lucky that I get to travel… #incredibleindia #jaipur #traveldiaries”. Take a look below:

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Before this, Bhagyashree had posted her recipe for flavourful pudina wale aloo (a dish of minty potatoes). She revealed that her husband, Himalay Dassani, loves this treat. She also shared some special tips to ensure the dish turns out absolutely irresistible. Tempted to try it out? Read the full story here.

Another must-try recipe is Bhagyashree’s Til Potato Tikki. Explaining the dish, she wrote, “Elders rarely get onto fancy foods. They aren’t even regular about vitamins or immunity-boosting tablets that are prescribed to them. They want food that satisfies their tastebuds.. so here it is… a quick snack that balances both.” Check out the recipe video here.

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