After Orange Peel Theory, “Ketchup Challenge” Relationship Test Goes Viral

Feb 6, 2024

Some time back, the orange peel theory took the internet by storm. This viral trend revolved around the idea of testing your partner’s feelings on the basis of their willingness to peel an orange for you. Viral videos, think pieces and memes on the subject flooded our social media feeds (read more here). More recently, another food-related relationship test has gone viral and is receiving a lot of interest online. It is called the ketchup challenge and it is slightly more complex than the orange peel test.

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Several videos showing women putting this test to practice are making the rounds on social media. As per these clips, the challenge requires one person (who is usually female) to spread ketchup on the kitchen counter and ask their partner (who is usually male) to clean it up. Unlike the orange peel theory, it is not only their willingness or immediate reaction to the idea that hints at their ‘true feelings’. The ketchup challenge is also meant to show you how they would actually deal with such a menial task and whether they would be successful at cleaning properly. For instance, some videos show the male partners effectively wiping away the ketchup, while others show them struggling with it.

One viral Instagram reel shows a hilarious twist. After the woman squeezes the sauce onto the counter, her partner is left in disbelief. He eats some of the ketchup with his fries. Take a look at the video below:

The viral trend, in general, has received a range of reactions online. While some are poking fun at the idea, others are not convinced by its applications. Many are surprised at the trend being called a “challenge”. They are finding it hard to believe that any adult can find something as simple as cleaning up spilt ketchup, a difficult undertaking.

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