Al Pacino’s Oscars Controversy Topped With Memes And A Clarification


Explained: Al Pacino's Oscar controversy is over the top with memes and explanations

Al Pacino pictured at the Oscars. (Image courtesy: AFP)

New Delhi:

At the 96th Oscars, film legend Al Pacino was on stage to announce the biggest award of the night – the Best Picture award. As is the ritual, the presenters have to announce the list of nominees, usually followed by fragments of film clips. Saint However, the star skipped the usual process and simply opened the envelope containing the winner's name. “And my eyes see Oppenheimer,” the veteran actor said while announcing the big winner. And with that, Al Pacino made the Internet an offer they couldn't refuse – the opportunity to make a ton of memes. A section of the Internet thought the actor was Others have joked and called it a “goat trick.” After much outcry, Al Pacino revealed what actually happened.

First, take a look at what the Internet thought about Al Pacino's moment at the Oscars.

“Definitely forgot to read the nominees,” one user wrote. The goat emoji followed, because he's, well, Al Pacino.

If it's not, is it even a meme? simpsons Template? “Literally Al Pacino coming in, announcing Best Picture and leaving,” one user on

Mistake or not, the Internet clearly chose sides and the obvious choice was Mr. Pacino himself. Another user's input, “Goat-like gait. Love it,” read the post.

Another user joked, “Simple and to the point. I wish the whole show was like this. LOL.”

One curious user asked, “Did Al Pacino miss out on a nomination or did he just skip all that.”

More memes coming.

This user pulled a GIF from Al Pacino's iconic scent of a Woman and jokingly wrote, “Apparently Al Pacino wasn't at the rehearsal.”

Amid all the discussion about his Oscar moment, Al Pacino clarified in a statement that it was not his decision to omit mention of all the nominated films and that the producers had asked him to do so. “It seems that there has been some controversy over my not mentioning each film by name before announcing the Best Film awards last night. I just want to clarify that it was not my intention to remove them, but to It was the producers' choice to say no. As Variety reports, Al Pacino's statement read, “He was personally highlighted throughout the ceremony. I was honored to be a part of the evening and decided to follow through on his wishes to present him with this award.”

“I realize that being nominated is a huge milestone in one's life and to not be fully recognized is humiliating and hurtful. I say this as someone who works closely with filmmakers, actors and producers. Deeply connected, I deeply empathize with those who have been insulted by this mistake. And that's why I felt it was important to make this statement,” read an excerpt from Al Pacino's statement, according to Variety.

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