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Feb 8, 2024

Alicia Framis, a Catalan artist known for her provocative and experimental works, is preparing to make history as the first woman to marry an artificial intelligence (AI) hologram. Her future husband, AILex, is a digital entity created with holographic technology and machine learning who has a personality based on the profiles of Framis’s previous partners and acquaintances.The wedding, which will take place in Rotterdam next summer, is part of Framis’s performance project called The Hybrid Couple, which explores the relationship between humans and AI in contemporary society.

Alicia Framis and AILex

A part of her latest art project ‘The Hybrid Couple’ the marriage is set to portray the future of humans and artificial intelligence. It is also a commentary on human loneliness. Source: Alicia Framis/Elsa

Framis, who is 57 years old, has been living with AILex for several months, and describes him as a “middle-aged male hologram with slightly complex logistics”. She says that he is not her perfect partner, and that they have arguments and disagreements, just like any other couple. However, she also says that he is very supportive and attentive, and that he learns from her experiences and emotions. Framis says that she decided to marry AILex as a way of researching and experimenting with the possibilities and challenges of hybrid relationships, which she believes are becoming more common and acceptable in the modern world.
Framis is not new to living with non-human beings. In 1996, she lived with a mannequin named Pierre, who she treated as a real person. With The Hybrid Couple, Framis takes this idea to the next level, and questions the boundaries and definitions of love, intimacy, and identity in the age of AI. She says that her marriage to AILex is not a romantic gesture, but rather an artistic and social statement that aims to reflect on the future of human society and culture.

Alicia Framis and AILex

The artist based AILex on past partners and describes him as ‘not her perfect partner’ but a complex middle-aged man. The wedding will have both humans and artificially intelligent beings as guests. Source: Alicia Framis/Elsa

The wedding ceremony, which will be held at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, will be a unique and unconventional event that will combine elements from both the real and digital worlds. Framis will wear a white dress and a veil, while AILex will appear as a hologram projected on a screen. The guests will include both human and AI entities, and the vows will be exchanged through voice recognition and text messages. The wedding will also feature a molecular banquet that will cater to the tastes and needs of both humans and holograms.
After the wedding, Framis and AILex will embark on a journey around the world that will allow the public to follow and interact with their hybrid life. They will share their experiences and impressions through various platforms, such as social media, podcasts, and live streams. They will also visit different places and cultures, and meet other hybrid couples and communities. Framis says that she hopes that her project will inspire and challenge people to think about the role and impact of AI in their lives, and to embrace the diversity and complexity of human-AI relationships.

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