All eligible BTech students at IIT Madras get financial aid to pursue studies, thanks to alumni and CSR partners

Feb 8, 2024

Mumbai: Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) Alumni and CSR partners have rallied together to provide financial assistance to 100% B.Tech students Whose annual parental income is in the 'Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh' category for two consecutive years (2022-23 and 2023-24).
'Merit-cum-Means' (MCM) Scholarship is one of the many financial aid and scholarship assistance provided by IIT Madras, Central and State Governments to the students. SC/ST/students seeking admission to all programs are exempted from payment. tuition fees regardless of their parents' income.
This MCM Scholarship, in combination with the two-thirds tuition fee waiver by the Government of India for this category of students, covers the full tuition fees of eligible B.Tech/Dual Degree students belonging to EWS/GE/OBC categories. This support frees students to focus completely on their studies and future academic pursuits without worrying about their financial situation or education loan.
Following the success of alumni and corporate efforts to raise funds for student scholarships, the Institute will continue to work with them to ensure full tuition fee coverage for all eligible students in the coming years.
This scholarship is in addition to several other sources of assistance provided by the Institute, Central and State Governments to students from other categories such as SC/ST/PWD.
Highlighting the importance of such financial assistance, Professor V. Kamakoti, Director, IIT Madras, said, “We are trying our best to provide as much financial assistance as possible to our needy students. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our donors for making this possible.”
Under this scholarship, while Rs 3.26 crore was distributed to 490 students during 2022-23, an amount of Rs 3.30 crore has been allocated to 495 students during the current financial year 2023-24. Scholarship per student Rs. 66,667, which is divided into two parts and distributed during two semesters of each academic year.
Professor Mahesh Panchaganula, Dean (Alumni and Corporate Relations), IIT Madras, said, “It is extremely gratifying that our office has been able to ensure that no financially needy student is covered by a full scholarship for two consecutive years Is. We express our deep gratitude to all the alumni and corporate partners who support this program.
Highlighting how the scholarship provides relief from financial stress, Akshit G, an IIT Madras student who benefited from the MCM scholarship, said, “I am the first person in my family to get a proper engineering degree and I feel, I have achieved my Have completed studies.” The family is proud. The scholarship especially helps me to pay the tuition fees and hostel fees from IITM without putting any burden on my family.
Saishri S. said, “What got me into IIT Madras was my father's dream of bringing me here. Before I was born, he worked here. During his daily wages, he once went to IIT Madras and saw that it was a very prestigious institute. That's why his dream was to teach me here. This is what stuck with me, and what actually motivated me to get into IIT Madras. Coming to IIT Madras, when I checked the fees and curriculum on the website of the institute, I came to know that the ACR office gets fee concession through alumni scholarship. After I joined, I received an email (on this scholarship).
Anish Amuloju said, “Now that the financial burden part of it is over, it helped me think and focus on my studies, my goals, dreams and what I really want to achieve in life Is.”
Soham Shah said, “When we did not know anything about the scholarship, we just thought that we would start searching for it, but when I got the mail about the scholarship, I was really happy. Receiving the scholarship has given me the confidence that if I focus on my studies, and if I plan on furthering my studies, whether it's Harvard or something else, I won't have to worry about my family's financial issues but my There is a need to focus on capabilities. Of learning. “If I do my job right, there are people, alumni of great institutions, who help students, including me.”
Assistance in the form of scholarships and fellowships is provided to meritorious students pursuing engineering, technology and science education at IIT Madras. Alumni-funded scholarships are available to the highest scoring students based on their academic performance. Students whose parents' annual income is less than Rs 1 lakh are exempted from the entire tuition fee at IIT Madras.
SC/ST students admitted to the MA program with parental income less than Rs 4.5 lakh were approved for free mess facilities, pocket allowance of Rs 250 per month and exemption from payment of tuition fees and hostel seat rent. Merit scholarship was also sanctioned to 25 per cent of students taking admission in MA program and whose parents' income is less than Rs 4.5 lakh.
Additionally, meritorious students pursuing B.Tech are provided scholarships approved by NCERT, Central and State Governments. Program at IIT Madras. Tamil Nadu Scholarship is provided by the Directorate of Backward Classes/Most Backward Classes Directorate.
Students who join M.Tech. Those who qualify the program through the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) are awarded Half-Time Teaching Assistantship (HTTA) at ₹12,400 per month. Students seeking admission to M.Sc program were sanctioned ₹1,000 per month under merit scholarship. Students were also exempted from paying tuition fees.
Scholars pursuing full-time Ph.D. Took admission in. For programs in engineering, Half-Time Teaching/Research Assistance (HTRA) of ₹37,000 per month for the first two years and ₹42,000 per month for the next three years is sanctioned. The institute encourages researchers to present research papers in international conferences, for which they are also given financial assistance. Financial assistance provided to MS and Ph.D. The scholarship limit is up to ₹1,50,000 including registration fees.

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