Amul Shares Buttery Take On Trending Orange Peel Theory – See Pic

Feb 5, 2024

The orange peel theory or the orange peel relationship test has been taking the Internet by storm for some time now. This viral trend involves testing your partner’s true feelings by considering their reaction to peeling an orange for you. The trend has sparked a range of reactions online and has also birthed many memes, online debates and think pieces. More recently, popular dairy brand Amul has jumped on the trend and shared a special illustration on the subject. In the topical shared on social media, the Amul girl is depicted with two plates in front of her – one with bread and the other with butter. She is leisurely seated on the floor and holds up one hand with a butter knife.

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We can also see a knife of orange-like shape, with the peel unravelling, next to the two plates. “Yellow Meal Theory,” reads the text on top of the illustration. The yellow is, of course, a reference to the butter. “Amul: Always Trending” is written on the bottom of the topical. Take a look at the design below:

Amul often shares its creative take on trending topics. Apart from sports, movies and events of national importance, it also releases topicals on viral trends. Before this, it had also joined the masses making the most of the “just looking like a wow” trend. Wondering what was its witty caption? Read the full story here to find out.

Similarly, it shared a unique illustration about the Oxford Word Of The Year 2023. As usual, it deployed wordplay to make a reference to its most famous product. Check out the complete story here.

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