Angry farmers prepare to confront Macron at Paris farm fair


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On Friday afternoon, dozens of tractors entered the French capital, blaring their horns loudly. Written on a tractor was: “Macron you are sowing the seeds for a storm – be careful what you reap.”
Farmers are protesting across Europe demanding better incomes and less bureaucracy, and complaining of unfair competition from cheap Ukrainian goods. The EU waived tariffs on Ukrainian food imports in 2022 to support the country's economy following Russia's invasion.
“Some farmers will try to prevent the president (Macron) from entering the trade fair,” Jean Lefebvre, a member of FNSEA, France's largest farmers' union, told Reuters. “And if he comes in, they will hinder his movement.”
In another sign of how strained relations still are between farmers and the government, Macron canceled a debate scheduled to take place at an agricultural fair on Saturday with farmers, food processors and retailers because farmer unions asked That they will not be present.
The Paris Farm Show is a major event in France, attracting around 600,000 visitors over nine days.
The farmers' protests, which have spread across Europe, appear to be making gains in June's European Parliament elections for the far right, for which farmers represent a growing constituency.
French farmers suspended mass protests earlier this month after Prime Minister Gabriel Atal promised new measures worth 400 million euros ($432.56 million) that included blocking highways and dumping manure in front of public buildings. Pouring was included.
But protests flared up again this week to pressure the government to provide more aid and follow through on promises ahead of the Paris Farm Show.
“We are still not being listened to by the government, the measures are not enough for us,” said farmer Hugo Gervais.

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