Anti-Israeli protesters disrupt traffic on Brooklyn Bridge in New York


New Delhi: Tension increased dramatically in New York City, hundreds Anti-Israel protesters Heavy rain struck downtown Manhattan on Monday, effectively shutting down traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. The protesters are part of a larger national movement responding to the ongoing protests conflict in gazagathered on the bridge around 3:45 p.m., causing immediate traffic disruptions and a rapid response from the NYPD.
The chaotic scene saw protesters, some of whom burned American flags, storm the Manhattan-bound portion of the bridge, as recorded on social media posts and live footage. NYPD officers equipped with riot gear immediately moved in to control the situation, resulting in the arrest of at least two dozen participants. A New York Post report said that according to a protester at the scene, police adopted a zero-tolerance policy, blocking further access to the bridge and preventing protesters from advancing towards City Hall.
The protests in New York are part of a series of demonstrations nationwide, including disruptions at major transportation hubs such as Chicago's O'Hare International Airport and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. These protests led to blockage of arrival and departure roads, causing significant delays and some passengers having to pass through the protest site with their luggage.
In New York, protests intensified with reports of smoke outside One Police Plaza around 7:30 pm, as protesters lit fires and chanted pro-Palestinian slogans. It is another significant protest in the city, following previous demonstrations that targeted the Midtown holiday festival and other iconic venues.
The NYPD, under the command of Deputy Chief Timothy Beaudette, who clashed with protesters on the bridge, is closely monitoring the situation. These protests have strained the city's resources and highlighted growing domestic reactions to international conflicts.
Meanwhile, pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted traffic on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, causing significant delays for commuters entering the city on Monday morning.
The California Highway Patrol closed both directions of the famous bridge as officers worked to redirect vehicles surrounded by groups of protesters. Dozens of protesters displayed a banner that read, “Shut the world to Gaza.”
This ongoing unrest underscores the deeply polarized opinions about Israeli actions in Gaza and the broader implications for communities across the United States. As tensions continue to rise, city officials and law enforcement are preparing for more disruptions, keeping a watchful eye on these persistent and volatile demonstrations.
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