AP SSC 10th English Exam 2024: Syllabus, marks distribution, high-scoring topics & more


Andhra Pradesh Board Class 10 English syllabus is designed to enhance the comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and creative expression skills of the students. Below is a description of the course in its various sections, along with key components and expectations:
Section-wise distribution of marks

section weightage percentage
reading comprehension 30 30
Creative expression including conventions of question setting and writing 30 30
vocabulary 20 20
grammar 20 20

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ap ssc english syllabus

three ways Three paragraphs of about 650 words each.
linguistic work Work related to creating a composition with the help of.
short composition Short composition of more than 50 words. (for example, notification, message, telegram, short postcard)
period Present/Past Form, Simple/Continuous Form, Perfect Form, Future Tense Reference
sound active and passive voice
connectors different types of connectors
types of sentences Affirmative, interrogative, negative, exclamation sentence
types of phrases Different types of phrases and clauses
indirect speech Understanding and Application of Indirect Speech
Enrollment Change of other areas into nouns
determiner Understanding and Application of Determinants
Pronoun Understanding and Use of Pronouns
preposition Understanding and Application of Prepositions
Poem Two RTC questions from two different poems
Drama One or two questions based on drama text
prose A question based on prose texts
extended question An extended question from one of the prose lessons

high weightage topics
A section: Understanding
text comprehension
Students will delve deeper into texts from the Extensive Reading section of Intermediate First Year English.(10 points,
understanding the invisible path
Analyzing and understanding unseen prose pieces, which may be in the form of a story, essay, article, description, dialogue, or narrative. ,10 points,
understanding graphical representation
Interpreting graphical data such as tables, pie charts, bar charts or tree diagrams, followed by answering five questions related to the data.
Section B: vocabulary
literal vocabulary
Synonyms, antonyms, correct forms of words and spelling exercises to enrich the vocabulary of students. ,15 points,
Section C: grammar
Comprehensive coverage of a variety of grammatical concepts from Intermediate First Year English, including:
– word difference
– Article
– preposition
– period
– sound
– direct and indirect speech
– question tag
– degrees of comparison
– sentence correction
– Synthesis of sentences (combination of sentences)
Section D: creative expression
text creative expression
Preparing discourses such as conversations, narratives, diary entries and speech scripts to promote creativity. ,10 points,
unseen creative expression
Writing exercises related to letter writing, news reports, biographical sketches and story development. ,10 points,
diagram-to-text creative expression
To test students' ability to transfer information by translating information from diagrams into text form. ,10 points,

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