Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Devices Apps Launched on Windows to Replace iTunes on PC

Feb 9, 2024

Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple devices have officially launched on Windows. These standalone apps were first previewed by the company in January 2023. After being in the testing phase for a year, the Cupertino-based tech giant has now removed the preview tags from these apps and is letting users download them for their PCs. The move was reportedly taken to reduce users' dependency on iTunes, which previously served as a one-stop shop for the combined functionality of these apps, excluding streaming services.

A support page from Apple now highlights that users with Windows 10 or later can now access these dedicated apps. Apple Music allows users to listen to and manage their iTunes library, access iTunes purchases, and gain access to Apple's streaming service. Similarly, Apple TV enables people to watch movies, documentaries, and TV series from its iTunes library, and also offers the Apple TV+ streaming service. Apple Devices, on the other hand, helps users update, backup, restore, and manage their iPhone and iPad devices, as well as lets them sync content to a PC.

Apple apps for Windows support x86-based PCs running Windows 10 or Windows 11. However, if users do not have the required operating system, they can continue to use iTunes. Additionally, those downloading dedicated apps will need to download all three, as downloading just one or two will prompt a message to download the rest first. Once all apps are downloaded, iTunes will only provide access to audiobooks and podcasts. The iPhone maker has also urged users not to delete their iTunes apps as both the Apple Music and Apple TV apps read the contents of the iTunes library.

According to reports, Apple decided to split iTunes to reflect how apps work on the Mac. Dedicated apps also offer a more streamlined interface and more recently added features that may be missing in older apps. Furthermore, it also allows the tech giant to expand its streaming services for Windows users.

Separately, Apple researchers recently released an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered image editing tool called MGIE (MLLM Guided Image Editing), which is capable of editing images using simple text prompts. According to the preprint paper, it is capable of performing Photoshop-style editing, global optimization, and local editing.

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