Apple TV+ renews ‘For All Mankind’ for season five, announces new spinoff series ‘Star City’


A scene from 'For All Mankind' Season 4.

A scene from 'For All Mankind' Season 4 Photo Credit: Apple TV/Youtube

Apple TV+ announces its hit, award-winning space drama series for all Mankind The renewal for season five has arrived. Additionally, Apple TV+ and for all Mankind Producers Ronald D. Moore, Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi will expand on for all Mankind universe with a brand new spinoff series, famous city, which will be performed by Nedivy and Wolpert. Both series are produced by Sony Pictures Television for Apple TV+.

“Our fascination with the Soviet space program has grown with every season for all Mankind,” said executive producers Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivy. “The more we learned about this secret city in the forests outside Moscow, where Soviet cosmonauts and engineers worked and lived, the more we wanted to tell this story of the other side of the space race. We couldn't be more excited to continue building the alternate history universe for all Mankind with our partners On Apple and Sony.”

Both of them further said, “famous city A stirring paranoid thriller that takes us back to a pivotal moment in the history of the space race – when the Soviet Union became the first nation to send a man to the Moon. But this time, we're exploring the story behind the Iron Curtain, featuring the lives of the astronauts, engineers, and intelligence officers involved in the Soviet space program and the risks they all took to advance humanity.

famous city Created by Matt Wolpert, Ben Nedivy and Ronald D. Moore. Nedivy and Wolpert serve as showrunners and executive producers along with Moore and Davis of Tall Ship Productions. for all Mankind Created by Emmy Award winner Moore and Emmy nominees Wolpert and Nedivy. Wolpert and Nedivy serve as showrunners and executive producers alongside Tall Ship Productions' Moore and Davis, along with David Weddle, Bradley Thompson, Seth Edelstein and Kira Snyder.

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latest season for for all Mankind In the eight years since season three catapulted the series into the new millennium, Happy Valley has rapidly expanded its footprint on Mars by turning former enemies into partners. Now in 2003, the space program's focus has shifted to capturing and mining extremely valuable, mineral-rich asteroids that could change the future of both Earth and Mars. But now rising tensions between the residents of the expanding international base threaten to destroy everything they've worked for. all four seasons of for all Mankind Now streaming globally on Apple TV+.

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