Arbaaz Khan On Salman Khan Launching His Son Arhaan: “They’re Still Rumours”


Arbaaz Khan on Salman Khan launching his son Arhaan: 'They are still rumours'

The picture was shared on Instagram. (courtesy: arbaazkhan)

Arbaaz Khan has finally broken his silence on the news of Salman Khan launching his son Arhaan Khan. While talking to News18, Arbaaz termed these reports as mere 'rumours'. The actor turned producer also revealed that Arhaan is interested in pursuing a career in showbiz. Arbaaz, who is waiting for the release of his upcoming film Patna Shukla, said, “I don't know. According to me they are still rumors. This news has not yet reached my ears.” Dabangg The star continued, “Based on his preparation it is very clear that he wants to stay. He's gone to a film school and done other things.

Arbaaz Khan said that Arhaan Khan, who graduated from a film school in the USA, is currently “preparing himself for his future.” He said, “Arhaan is now focusing on his career. He is still a young boy. He will turn 22 this year. He is preparing himself for his future. He is a very hardworking, honest and dedicated child. If everything goes well, he has the right focus and luck is on his side, I am sure he will be successful because of his efforts.”

Arbaaz Khan said that he has given Arhaan free rein to take most of the decisions related to his work. Arbaaz Khan said, “He discusses things with me and I give him my guidance. But I don't want to interfere too much. I don't want him to be guided in such a way that he doesn't get to learn from his experiences and mistakes. I don't want to keep him in a bubble, in a protective environment. I want him to fly, fall, make mistakes, and learn so he can understand that the world is a tough place.

The actor concluded by saying, “For a twenty or thirty year long career, one has to experience ups and downs. Not everything is going to be a bed of roses or smooth sailing. I tell him that he will go through his share of turmoil, trials and difficulties but he must weather the storms that come his way. I want to prepare him for all this.

Arhaan Khan is Arbaaz Khan and his son from Malaika Arora's previous marriage. The couple got divorced after 19 years in 2017.

Arbaaz Khan married Shura Khan in December last year.

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