At least 50 dead after a boat capsizes in Central African Republic


New Delhi: At least 50 people died after a boat capsized in a river channel FuneralI turned over Mapoko River In Central African Republicthe capital of banguiCivil Defense said on Saturday.
According to officials, the accident is believed to have happened on Friday and the search for people is going on.
According to eyewitnesses and videos on social media, the boat was carrying about 300 people who were on their way to attend the funeral of the village head, about 45 kilometers from Bangui. The boat was overcrowded as some passengers were standing, while others were sitting on logs. structure.
The boat capsized soon after leaving and rescue services arrived 40 minutes after the sinking. Local boat pilots and fishermen were the first to respond and rescued the victims and collected bodies from the river before emergency services could arrive.
Some of the injured were evacuated by motorcycle taxis.
“We were able to remove 58 dead bodies,” Thomas Gimasse, head of the civil protection department, told Radio Guira.
“We don't know how many people are inside the water,” he said.
Government spokesman Maxime Balalou has launched an investigation into the incident and announced the establishment of a fund to assist the families of the victims. He also called for better compliance with river transport safety regulation.

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