Aviation body blames lack of professionalism for Pakistani airlines ban in EU


New Delhi: Pakistan'S aircraft owner and operator Organization (aooa) recently released a report highlighting challenges in the aviation sector, citing pilot licensing issues as a major factor in the European Union's ban on Pakistan's airlines.
AOOA underlined the need for competent individuals in industry roles and presented solutions for industry revival.
Association criticizes former aviation minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan for acting on wrong information Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which led to the collapse of the industry and international ban.
Despite pilots rejecting allegations of fraudulent licenses, the AOA expressed disappointment at the CAA's reluctance to accept court rulings, prolonging the airline ban.
AOOA also raised concerns about the lack of stakeholder input in legislative processes and suggested procedural changes to increase revenue.
The proposals included airport outsourcing and permanent air transport license renewal. In addition, the AOOA called for policy amendments to reduce fees, review the authority of the Director General, and reconsider aircraft import restrictions to promote industry growth and protect jobs.
As per Dawn report, these reforms are aimed at reviving the aviation sector and preventing further closures.
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