‘Ball of vampires’, nuke warning: Key takeaways from Putin’s interview


New Delhi: Russian President, in a wide-ranging interview with Rossiya Segodnya head Dmitry Kiselyov Vladimir Putin addressed Moscow's current stance against western powers, Putin's statements shed light on this as the presidential election approaches Russia'S foreign policy and its confrontation with Western countries, especially the United States and its allies.
Here are some highlights from the interview:
Decline of Western dominance: Putin expressed a vision where non-Western countries are moving towards sovereignty, watching with interest Russia's standoff with the US. He accused Western elites of exploiting Africa, Latin America and Asia for centuries, suggesting that the era of dominance by these powers was coming to an end. In his words, the Western “circle of vampires” is reaching its conclusion, especially as countries like France retreat from their colonial heritage, a report in Russia Today said.
No 'red lines' in the west face to face Strategy: The Russian President warned Western countries against adopting a policy without “red lines” in their confrontation with Russia, particularly criticizing French President MacronAggressive rhetoric. He highlighted the potential threat to Ukraine's statehood if Western troops were deployed and indicated that Moscow's commitment to peace depends on realistic security guarantees, not on what he called Kiev's “drug-fueled desire Said “list”.
Impact on Ukraine: Putin criticized the Ukrainian government's military strategies and described them as a desperate attempt to gain Western support by sacrificing troops in unwinnable scenarios. He believes that these actions lack military value and are intended to conceal the dire situation in Ukraine.
Nuclear preparedness and military spending: Addressing the possibility of nuclear confrontation, Putin touted Russia's readiness to use its nuclear arsenal, which he claims is ahead of others in progress. He criticized the inefficiency of the US military despite massive spending, contrasting it with Russia's strategic investments, such as the Avangard hypersonic glider, which he claims weakens US defense capabilities.
US presidential race and Putin's priorities: In a lighter moment, Putin recalled a conversation with former US President Donald Trump, who accused him of favoring Joe Biden, whom Trump dubbed “Sleepy Joe”. Had given. Putin cast doubt on the integrity of American democracy, commenting on the lack of civility in the current US presidential race.

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