Baloch Solidarity Committee urges families of missing persons to stand against state’s oppression


Balochistan: The Baloch Solidarity Committee Families of missing persons urged to protest forced disappearanceTo stand against this state oppression and give full support in this struggle.
Baloch Yakzehti Committee (BYC) in a post shared on social media stressed that currently, the entire Balochistan is suffering from forced displacement.
Baloch Solidarity Committee spokesperson said that the state army and secret agencies have taken the lives of Baloch soldiers and enforced disappearances are continuing across Balochistan even during the month of Ramadan.
“We request them to fully support the families in this struggle and stand with the families against this state oppression, while we request the Baloch people to adopt the path of resistance struggle and stand up for themselves against the atrocities of the state. Break the silence. Come out of your homes and defeat” state oppression With national unity and solidarity,” the spokesperson said.
BYC claimed that in various areas of Balochistan pakistan army And Secret Service personnel violated the dignity of the homes, while women and children in the homes were subjected to torture.
The spokesperson said that at present the families of the victims of alleged forced disappearance in Makran, Balochistan are protesting by blocking roads at various places.
Highlighting yet another incident of forced disappearance, the spokesperson alleged, “Last night, two youths, Shoaib Ahmed, son of Bharam, and Balach, son of Dara, were forcibly disappeared by the state army and intelligence agencies in Eskabazar Apsar. Today, his family members are protesting by blocking the road at Daki Bazaar Updark.”
Meanwhile, the family members of the victim medical student Khudadad Siraj have alleged that forced disappearance People from Sargodha in Punjab are protesting by blocking CPEC Highway M8 at Tajban Karki.
Additionally, his family members are protesting by blocking the highway at Carrot Zero Point against the alleged enforced disappearance of Zakir, son of Abdul Razzaq, a victim of enforced disappearance, from December 17, 2023, BYC noted.
The committee said, “Security forces surrounded the house of Amir Bakhsh Sarbazi in Hoshop Sarbazi Bazaar this morning and tried to forcibly disappear three youths, but due to the resistance of women and children no one could be forcibly disappeared “
In conclusion, the spokesperson said that the entire Muslim world is currently living peacefully in their homes in the month of Ramadan, but the state has wreaked havoc on the lives of Baloch and Baloch mothers, sisters and daughters cannot live peacefully in their homes. Are. Home at this time. Instead, they are protesting on the highways” the spokesperson said.
The Baloch Solidarity Committee commended the courage of the families in protesting rather than remaining silent in the face of state oppression and brutality.

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