Barack Obama declines cameo in Benioff and Weiss’s ‘3 Body Problem’ Netflix adaptation


3 Body Problems on Netflix

3 Body Problems on Netflix | Photo Credit: Twitter/@3body

Former US President Barack Obama rejected an offer to play a small role in David Benioff and DB Weiss' latest project. 3 physical problems – A high-budget adaptation of Liu Cixi's acclaimed sci-fi novel is set to debut on Netflix this week.

Benioff, along with co-showrunner Alexander Wu, extended the invitation to Obama knowing his love of the original novel. in an interview with USA Today, Benioff said, “When we tried to get him in for a cameo, he signed a very funny note. The effect was, 'If there ever is an actual alien invasion, I think I should probably save myself for that crisis.'

This ambitious project marks the pair's return to screens since its controversial conclusion game of Thrones In 2019. 3 physical problems It presents a narrative that focuses on protecting Earth from invading extraterrestrial beings, a departure from their previous fantasy realm.

Weiss expressed fascination with the complexity of the novel, and highlighted its deviations from his previous work. The cast includes Jess Hong, John Bradley, Benedict Wong, Eiza Gonzalez, Jovan Adepo and Liam Cunningham, among others. With the potential for a trilogy adaptation, Benioff and Weiss look forward to another decade of storytelling to aspire to. 3 physical problems To rival the success of their previous phenomenal series.

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