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Feb 11, 2024

New Delhi: ben fox According to the former England wicketkeeper, he has the fastest hands in the game at the moment Alec StewartEven though the great MS Dhoni had fast hands as a keeper.
Foakes has drawn praise for his excellent wicketkeeping abilities in the first two matches test match Against India, despite challenging conditions which are a challenge for foreign keepers. On his current tour of India, he has taken six catches so far and made two stumpings, including two excellent catches off the bowling of leg spinner Rehan Ahmed. Visakhapatnam,
“He does things that no one else can do. His hand speed is second to none. MS Dhoni had quick hands but he (Fox) has the quickest hands in the game and the ball stays in him,” Stewart told The Times. “
As director of cricket at the county club Surrey, Stewart, who played 82 Tests as an England wicketkeeper, had assisted fox In preparation for the test tour of India. He described the sessions between Christmas and New Year in which Foakes took part during his ten weeks of intensive preparation for the tour of India, all of which took place under his close supervision.

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“He has huge natural talent, but his work ethic and attention to detail is as good as I've seen when I played and since I've been in this role. He leaves no stone unturned. He works on the details. Do and the quality of work is impressive.
“He knew there would be a lot of spin bowling so it (his training) was 80-20 in favor of his standing stuff, which he's brilliant at anyway – bouncing the ball, turning the ball, keeping the ball low. That's why I was so happy for him, (after) all the hours he worked, and then he got rewarded with some of the catches he took.
“We'll discuss the position of his feet, his height, where his hands are. He takes the lead. We use the Merlin spin machine, spinning mats or mats with holes in them so there's some spin and Have some bounce. We do it from 22 yards, or ten or 11 yards. He knows what he wants to work on and we've done that since he joined us (from Essex in 2014) “
Fox made important contributions with the bat in Hyderabad, where he and Ollie Pope There was a partnership of 112 runs for the sixth wicket, in which Ollie Pope scored an incredible 196 runs. Despite missing one stumping, Foakes has been a reliable keeper behind the stumps for England in this series. KL Rahul At the beginning of the first innings.
“I said some time ago that he is the best in the world and, but depending on the circumstances, he can play 50 or 60 Tests, but I think the team needs to be balanced and that's why I didn't play him (more) People should not underestimate his batting.
“He averages only 40 in first-class cricket and has been involved in few match-winning partnerships when he plays for England. You need to be not only physically fit and strong, but also mentally fit and strong. Needed. The biggest thing is, if you miss a chance, how do you deal with it? He's good at that,'' Stewart concluded.
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