Ben Stokes’ attitude Has Instilled Self-belief In Youngsters: Ian Chappell

Feb 12, 2024

Former Australian cricketer Ian Chappell has praised England captain Ben Stokes for his captaincy in the first two Tests of the five-match series against India, saying his aggressive approach and attitude has given success to the team and a lot of confidence to the youngsters. Chappell said Stokes' leadership has ensured that the five-match series between the two rivals is level at 1-1 and is still wide open. “Ben Stokes' aggressive approach to captaincy may have failed to claim victory in the tightly-contested second Test, but the five-match series against India is still tied at 1-1. Credit for much of England's success Buzzball has been given the name – the desire to score runs quickly and outwit the opposition – but this is a misnomer. What Stokes has really done is win with the first ball by playing aggressive cricket in all aspects of the game. Have to do,” Chappell said, writing for ESPN Cricinfo.

“Stoke has been extremely smart in adopting this kind of approach and his aggressive tactics have brought great success to England in their winning streak. It is an approach that England were extremely slow to adopt but Stokes has shown himself to be a strong-minded and Has shown to be a smart leader.” ” He added.

Chappell said England's deep confidence in Stokes was visible both on and off the field and praised England's approach of constantly looking for wickets. He also said that Stokes' captaincy has given the team the confidence that helps them go the extra mile to achieve some important successes on the field, such as the game-changing run-out of Ravindra Jadeja by Stokes, which helped Shifted the game in England's favor and strengthened India's position. Had to face defeat by 28 runs.

“The England team has a lot of confidence in Stokes and it shows both on and off the field. The team takes wickets because they are constantly looking for them and the bowlers accept the challenge. A big advantage of this strategy is that That it excites the best players, and they are the ones most likely to influence the final result,” Chappell said.

“The team also believes that Stokes' aggression will help them claim the odd windfall. This belief usually leads a team to make a few extras that would lead to a crucial wicket Stokes' brilliance in the field helped him get a run-out at a crucial time in Hyderabad – and it also helped boost the team's confidence,” he said.

Chappell said Stokes' attitude has instilled confidence in youngsters like Tom Hartley, Rehan Ahmed and Shoaib Bashir. The former cricketer also said that Hartley's 14 runs with the ball and the crucial 114 runs in four innings with the bat should make limited overs Jack Leach “redundant”.

“Stoke's attitude has helped the young players believe in themselves, and it is visible in their bowling performances. The success of young players Tom Hartley, Rehan Ahmed and Shoaib Bashir is no coincidence; it is Stokes' approach A symbol of born confidence.” Chappell said.

He said, “Hartley's success with both bat and ball should give limited Jack Leach a place in the Test team. One of England's weaknesses has been their spin department, but Stokes' positive approach suddenly means there is a need for slower bowling.” There are many candidates.”

Chappell also pointed out that the success of Ollie Pope at number three and the rise of Harry Brook in the middle order have strengthened England's batting and asked England to choose their strongest teams in the future. He also criticized England for not always choosing their best wicketkeeper and not giving importance to the option of an additional fast bowler.

“The success of Ollie Pope at No. 3 and the emergence of Harry Brook as an important middle-order player also means that the batting is potentially much stronger. These notable improvements in talent should ensure that England are at their best in the future. Will choose the strongest team available.” Current circumstances. England have made mistakes in the past by not choosing their best wicketkeeper and often undervaluing the extra pace. Barring injuries to fast bowlers, this should be a thing of the past,” he said.

Chappell said England would benefit if Stokes is able to operate as a full-time all-rounder and also field in the slips, where he is “one of the best”. The former cricketer also said that England should use fewer bouncers to add “the element of surprise”.

“If Stokes is able to operate as an all-rounder once again, it will help England a lot, because his bowling is a different weapon. It will also help if he fields in the slips, especially against the spinners, because He's one of the best.” That situation,” Chappell said.

He said, “The other area where England can improve is the use of bouncers. This is an often overused ploy, and it must be remembered that the biggest advantage of a bouncer is the element of surprise.”

Chappell also said that Stokes should also focus on his batting and be more active.

“One personal area that Stokes can focus on is his own batting. If he was more active at the start of each innings, it would improve his game. Stokes is a very good batsman, but when he wants to score If they are there, they perform at their best.” Chapel.

Chappell said Indian captain Rohit Sharma is a “good leader” and the return of KL Rahul and Ravindra Jadeja from injuries will give the team a boost. But he also said that the absence of star batsman Virat Kohli due to personal reasons is a blow to the team.

The former cricketer also urged the Indian selectors not to give too much importance to Shreyas Iyer's batting and to give importance to spinner Kuldeep Yadav.

“India is a strong team and they also have a good leader in Rohit Sharma. With Ravindra Jadeja and KL Rahul recovering from injuries, they will be very strong, but Virat Kohli not returning for the remaining matches of the series is a blow. Hopefully, Chappell said, the selectors will now stop giving more importance to Shreyas Iyer's batting ability and will learn to give more importance to Kuldeep Yadav's wicket-taking ability.

Chappell said that the current England team looks much better than the Joe Root-led team that came to India in 2021 and was destroyed by the Indian spinners.

“As the home team, India should ultimately win a tough series, but they have a real battle on their hands. England, under Stokes' aggressive leadership, are a long way behind a poorly captained Joe Root side who succumbed to spin on their last tour. Had given support to the country,” Chappell said.

He concluded, “This India vs England clash is shaping up to be exactly what it should be: a tough five-match contest between two talented teams.”

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