Bengal education minister accuses Governor of creating crisis in functioning of state varsities


Kolkata: West Education Minister of Bengal Bratya Basu alleged Governor Accused CV Anand Bose of creating an unprecedented crisis in the functioning of state universities which have remained without permanent vice-chancellors for the last 9-10 months. Basu said that such a situation has never been seen since independence.
“Like the Governor-General of British-ruled India, the Governor of Bengal is now trying to run a parallel system in our state universities, ignoring the government. He had appointed interim VCs as per his wish and despite the expiry of the term, He has not been replaced during his tenure,” the minister alleged.
The Governor is the Chancellor of the State Universities.
“Recently, a list of interim vice-chancellors was given to them by us to end the impasse in the functioning of universities. But they have not yet taken action on it,” the minister told reporters on Saturday evening.
Basu, who is also the president of the West Bengal College and University Professors Association (WBCUPA), said the higher education department does not want to go into confrontation with the governor over the issue of appointment of vice-chancellors as “any such situation would happen.” This is detrimental to the welfare of the students and will further hinder academic activities.
There was no reaction from Raj Bhavan on Basu's allegation.
The minister also referred to the bill passed by the Assembly last year to appoint the chief minister as chancellor of state universities and claimed that “it remains within the framework of the Constitution in a federal structure”.
“The Governor has not approved the bill. We are troubled by his conduct,” he said.
Basu said the state is waiting for the Supreme Court's order to end the impasse on the appointment of permanent vice-chancellors in 31 state universities.
BJP spokesperson Samik Bhattacharya said the TMC should not speak about the federal structure “as the ruling party in the state is continuously violating the Constitution and killing democracy”.

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