Bengaluru couple made child to stand on footrest of moving scooter: Video goes viral |


A Video There has been a debate on this from Bengaluru social media once again. In the video, a small child is seen standing on the footboard of a moving vehicle. Scooter While the parents are also on the scooter and driving it on the busy road.
Actually, it can be seen in the video that the woman sitting behind is not even wearing a helmet and she is seen holding the child towards her. Even though the government and automotive companies are trying to make roads safe, incidents like this show that some people are not taking safety seriously.
This footage was recorded in the Whitefield area. Users have shared it on social media platforms and demanded action from the Bengaluru Police Department. As can be seen in the video, the man is driving the scooter while a woman is sitting behind. It is a common sight when we see a child sitting on a two-wheeler with the parents sitting in between or sometimes at the front, both of which are also risky.

However, in this case, the couple has taken the risk factor to astonishing heights as the child is seen balancing on a small footrest on the side of the scooter.

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This incident also exposes ignorance road safety Despite this, in India two wheeler accidents It is a leading cause of injuries and deaths in the country. Such careless mistakes on the road can lead to an accident and also endanger the safety of others. motor driver In danger.
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