Bengaluru water crisis hits industry! Employees skip work, opt for work from home in India’s Silicon Valley


Water crisis Panic in India's Silicon Valley, employees refused to come to work! Water crisis has become a major concern in Bengaluru due to rapid urbanization and population growth. The city, often known as 'Silicon Valley of India,' facing serious insufficiency of waterDue to which taps have dried up in some areas just a few weeks before the general elections.
Tech hub, home to major IT companies like Infosys And wiproThe impact of water crisis is being seen on daily life and business operations.
According to a PTI report, videos circulated on social media show residents of this busy tech hub battling severe water shortage, highlighting the harsh reality of their struggle for basic necessities. With water rationing measures in place and housing society advisories urging residents to use water sparingly, many are forced to queue for hours to get the essential water supply. The situation has become so dire that some people are even leaving work to give priority to getting water.
The impact of water scarcity is evident on the tech industry, with employees choosing to work from home due to water scarcity in offices. This has disrupted operations and required a new setup to accommodate remote work.
Residents and industry experts stress the urgent need for both short-term and long-term solutions, including mandatory water harvesting and groundwater recharge, to tackle the crisis.
Local residents and industry representatives attribute water shortages to rapid urbanisation, inadequate planning, uneven distribution, poor water management and negligence by local authorities. Many residents are facing tight water restrictions, with some areas getting water for only half a day compared to a full day's supply in the past.
Murugavel Janakiraman, founder and CEO of a company, suggests that tackling the crisis requires reducing water consumption, recycling, reviving water bodies and government support in water management.
Residents highlight the severity of the crisis with rising prices of water tankers and turning to malls for daily necessities.
The government has taken steps to restore groundwater levels by injecting pure water into drying lakes and implementing advanced technologies for water filtration and supply.
Efforts to deal with the water crisis include construction of water plants and filter borewells with modern technology near the restored lake bed by the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB).

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