Better than roses: Thai couples marry on elephants for Valentine’s Day


Chonburi: Couples riding elephants dressed in traditional attire, reflecting Thailand's long association with the majestic animals Valentine's Day To exchange their vows in a group marriage characteristic of elephants,
“The ceremony is sacred, which is why everyone wants to get married on top of elephants,” said Narumon Komagapanoy, 36, one of the brides.
“Elephants are considered companions of the home and the city, as well as a symbol of national prosperity,” he said.
The parade of nine pairs of elephants moved slowly through the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden in Chonburi province, about two hours' drive south of the capital Bangkok.
Leading the procession with dancers in traditional costumes, the couples rode on their elephants to a local district officer, also seated on an elephant, who oversaw the signing of marriage licenses.
The elephant is the national animal of Thailand and for some time the white elephant, a symbol of good fortune, was featured on the Thai flag.
“I feel very happy. Actually, today is the day of love, so I feel good getting the marriage license with my wife,” said Jirat Somprasung, 36, one of the groomsmen.

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