Better Together: 5 Foods That Become Superfoods When Combined With Other Ingredients

Feb 7, 2024

“Always better together” is a phrase that we hear many times. It is implied for several things in life, but our focus of attention here is on certain food combinations. We’ve all been in situations where we’ve been advised to eat certain foods in a particular way. It could be the way you cook it, the type of ingredients you use, or an additional ingredient that you add to it. You may find yourself pondering what the reason is behind it and what difference it would make. Well, the truth is, by doing so, you can literally transform an ordinary food into a superfood. Now, who doesn’t want to reap the maximum benefits from what they consume? There are some common foods that we eat on a daily basis that can help you achieve this. Nutritionist Shweta J. Panchal took to her Instagram handle to reveal what these combinations are. Check them out:
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Here Are 5 Food Combinations That Give Your Superfoods:

1. Poha and lemon

A bowl of poha is a go-to breakfast option for many. It is light yet wholesome, and it is packed with flavour. When making it, do not forget to add a splash of lemon juice at the end, as it can be quite beneficial for you. Not many are aware, but poha is a good source of iron. When you top it with lemon juice, which is high in vitamin C, it helps in better absorption of iron into the body, making it a super combination.

2. Yoghurt and nuts

The combination of yoghurt and nuts makes for a complete nutrition profile. Yoghurt is high in protein, whereas nuts are a good source of fibre and healthy fats. When combined, they make for an excellent superfood and help keep you satiated for a longer time. So, instead of eating them separately next time, mix them together and see the wonderful results for yourself.

3. Green tea and lemon

Green tea is often touted as a wonder beverage, and for all the right reasons. It is high in antioxidants and helps boost metabolic rate, thus aiding in weight management. To reap more of its benefits, the nutritionist recommends adding a bit of lemon juice to your cup. The vitamin C present in lemon helps in the better absorption of antioxidants, making it great for your gut health as well.

4. Turmeric and pepper

We’re all aware of the remarkable anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric (haldi). However, to truly benefit from it, you must mix it with a bit of black pepper. This is because the active compound present in haldi, curcumin, gets better absorbed only when the active compound of black pepper, piperine, is present. To make it even more effective, you can add a healthy fat like ghee. Keep this tip in mind while making your next cup of haldi doodh.

5. Dal and chawal

Dal and chawal make for an excellent superfood combination as well. It is a protein-packed meal, especially for vegetarians. Lentils contain a protein called lysine, whereas rice contains sulphur-containing amino acids. Together, they make for a stellar combination and help increase your protein intake. However, remember that moderation is key here if you wish to reap its benefits.
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Include these superfood combinations in your diet and transform your health. Stay fit and healthy!

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