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Feb 8, 2024

Washington: President Joe Biden took classified information About the US war in Afghanistan and others national security matters When he left the vice presidency in 2017, but he would not have to face Criminal casesA US special counsel The report released on Thursday said.
The report by Special Counsel Robert Hur found that the documents included a handwritten memo to then-President Barack Obama in 2009 opposing a planned troop surge in Afghanistan, and handwritten notes related to intelligence briefings and national security meetings.
According to the report, during a conversation at his rental home in Virginia in February 2017, Biden told an author working on his memoir that he “just got all the classified stuff down”. Hur's report said the conversation “built the best case” for charges against Biden.
But Hur identified several reasons why he did not charge Biden, including that the documents may have been taken to his home when he was vice president, even though he had the authority to possess such documents.
Hur said Biden would not have faced charges even without the Justice Department's longstanding policy against convicting sitting presidents.
Members of Biden's legal team found classified papers at the office of Biden's Washington think tank and his private residence in Wilmington, Delaware.
Biden's leading rival in the November election, former President Donald Trump, has been indicted on a 40-count federal charge of maintaining highly sensitive national security documents at his Florida resort after he leaves office in 2021 and obstructing the US government's efforts to retrieve them. Have to face prosecution.
Although there are similarities in both the cases, there are also some notable differences.
The White House said Biden's lawyers found a small number of classified documents and turned them over after discovery.
Trump resisted doing so until an FBI search in 2022 turned up nearly 100 classified documents, leading to obstruction of justice charges against Trump and two employees at his Mar-a-Lago resort.
Hur, who served in senior roles at the Justice Department during the Trump administration, was appointed to oversee the investigation in January 2023.
Attorney General Merrick Garland, who was nominated by Biden, put Hur in charge of the investigation to give it some independence from Justice Department leadership.
Hur's investigators interviewed Biden in October as part of their investigation. The White House has said that Biden and his team have cooperated with the investigation.
Under long-standing Justice Department policy, Biden cannot face federal criminal charges as a sitting president.
The findings could create a political headache for Biden who has tried to draw comparisons with Trump on personal ethics and national security issues.
Hur's report, and his decision not to press criminal charges, is likely to prompt accusations of a double standard from Trump and his Republican allies.
Trump was charged after prosecutors said he refused for months to return boxes containing presidential records taken to his Mar-a-Lago resort after the US government demanded he return the documents. Steps were taken to conceal the documents. Prosecutors alleged that an FBI search in August 2022 found more than 100 classified documents at the property.
Trump has pleaded innocent and accused prosecutors of political motivation. A trial is scheduled for May but is likely to be delayed.
Biden's lawyers have said they notified the National Archives after finding a “small number” of classified documents in his office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in November 2022, triggering a federal investigation. Additional documents were later found in a garage and library at Biden's Delaware home and turned over to the Justice Department.
Biden faced criticism for his delay in informing the public about the searches at the time.

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