Big electric car sale order for Citroen e-C3 EV: 4,000 cars to be purchased by BluSmart


French carmaker Citroën has joined forces with BlueSmart MobilityAn electric mobility service provider, in a partnership that aims to promote the country's electric vehicle (EV) Scenario. As part of this collaboration, the latter will purchase 4,000 units of the e-C3 over the next year to expand its fleet in India.
The first phase of this deployment saw 125 e-C3 units flagged off from BlueSmart's EV Charging Superhub in Bengaluru. E-C3, which is basically a electrical equivalent ICE C3, completely electric compact suvClaims a range of 320 km fast charging technologyCapable of full charge in less than an hour.

Citroen eC3 electric hatch review: no liquid cooling, harm or not? , TOI Auto

This EV is equipped with a 29.2 kWh battery pack, which generates 57 hp and 143 Nm of peak torque while driving the front axle-mounted electric motor. Additionally, drivers can choose between two driving modes – Eco and Standard – and take advantage of regenerative braking features. Currently, the ex-showroom price of this model is Rs 12.47 lakh and it comes with a battery warranty of 7 years/1.40 lakh km.
BlueSmart has been a key player in India's electric mobility revolution, having operated 7,000 BlueSmart EVs since inception and driving over 410 million clean kilometers. with 4,400 ev charger With 36 charging superhubs, BlueSmart is set to meet the growing demand for ride-hailing services in Indian megacities.
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