Bihar Board class 10 results soon, check the dates of the past 9 years


Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) is preparing to declare the eagerly awaited Class 10 exam results held from February 15 to February 23, 2024, which is an important milestone for the students in Bihar. Last year's results were declared on March 31, 2023, at 1:30 pm, setting a precedent for this year's timing. As anticipation grows among students, families and teachers, attention turns to historical result declaration patterns, which provide insight into this year's expected timelines.
Over the past nine years, Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) has continuously created anticipation among students and teachers with the announcement of Class 10 results. Looking at the result dates of previous years provides valuable information about the timing of this year's result. Imminent announcement. Last year, Class 10 results were declared on March 31 at 1:30 pm
BSEB Matric results: Dates and timings of last nine years

Year result date result time
2023 31st March 1:30 pm.
2022 31st March 3:00 pm
2021 5th April 3:30 pm
2020 26 may 12:30 PM
2019 6 April at 1:00
2018 26 June 5:00 pm
2017 22 June at 1:00
2016 29 may 3:00 pm
2015 20 June 3:00 pm

Over the past nine years, BSEB has witnessed fluctuations in the pass percentage of Class 10 candidates, reflecting different levels of academic performance and challenges of the students. In 2023, 81.04% of the 16,10,657 candidates who appeared for the exam passed successfully, a commendable performance. Similarly, the pass percentage in the year 2022 stood at 79.88%, in which 12,86,971 out of 16,11,099 candidates passed the exam.
Bihar Board Class 10 passing percentage of last nine years

Year appeared pass passing percentage
2023 16,10,657 13,05,203 81.04%
2022 16,11,099 12,86,971 79.88%
2021 16,54,171 12,93,054 78.17%
2020 14,94,071 12,04,030 80.59
2019 16,60,609 13,40,610 80.73
2018 17,58,000 12,11,086 68.89
2017 17,71,000 8,87,625 50.12
2016 15,38,789 7,17,999 46.66
2015 14,09,175 10,59,277 75.17

How to check Bihar Board Class 10 results online
Step 1: Reach the official Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) website: Type '' in the address bar of your web browser and press Enter.
Step 2: Locate the 'Results' section: Navigate to the homepage to find the section displaying the results.
Step 3: Select Class 10 Result: Look for the option related to Class 10 or Matric result in the result section.
Step 4: Enter the required details: You will probably need to enter your exam roll number or other identifying details.
Step 5: Submit and Check Result: Click on 'Submit' or 'Check Result' button to proceed.
Step 5: Save or Print: Once displayed, you can save or print a digital copy of your Class 10 results for future reference.
How to check Bihar Board Class 10 result through SMS
• Compose a new message: Open your mobile messaging app and create a new message.
• Type the message: In the body of the message, enter 'BSEB10' followed by a space and your exam roll number.
• Example message: For example, if your roll number is '1234567', your message should read: 'BSEB10 1234567.'
• Send Message: Once you have entered your roll number, send the message to the specified SMS number, which is 56263.
• Wait for confirmation: After sending a message, wait a while for an automated response acknowledging your request.
• Receive results: Shortly after, you will receive another SMS containing your Bihar Board Class 10 results, including your marks and passing status.

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