Bilawal Bhutto wishes Hindu community in Pakistan on Holi


Islamabad: Former Foreign Minister of Pakistan bilaval Bhutto happy sunday hindu community On Holi in the country, it was emphasized that the festival is a reminder of shared humanity beyond religious or cultural differences. Pakistan The People's Party (PPP) chairman in a statement highlighted the importance of promoting inclusivity and respect for diverse cultural traditions within the country, The Express Tribune newspaper reported.
Pointing to the underlying values ​​of tolerance and acceptance inherent in the festival, he said, “Holi is a reminder of the shared humanity beyond religious or cultural differences.”
Saying that such celebrations promote inclusivity within the nation, he stressed the need for social cohesion, advocating mutual understanding and solidarity among the population of Pakistan.
According to the census, Hindus are only 2.14 percent of the total population in Muslim-dominated Pakistan.

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