‘Billionaire Bunker’: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos buys third mansion for $90 million in Indian Creek Island


New Delhi: jeff bezosThe Amazon The founder, recently named by Forbes as the world's third richest billionaire, has expanded his real estate portfolio by a third mansion On Florida Luxury Indian Creek Island, popularly known as the “Billionaire Bunker”. The acquisition, costing $90 million, takes their total investment in the region to a staggering $237 million.
This latest purchase follows Bezos' acquisition of two other mansions on the same island last year, one in June for $68 million and the other in October for $79 million. A report in Daily Mail states that the newly purchased six-bedroom home is located in the exclusive Indian Creek Village near Miami, a seaside property with a spacious front lawn and outdoor pool.
The massive 12,135-square-foot mansion is strategically located away from Bezos' previous purchases, potentially indicating plans to live in this latest addition while redeveloping earlier acquisitions. The move is part of a broader expansion of Bezos' property interests following his engagement to Lauren Sanchez.
Indian Creek Island, accessible only via a guarded bridge and patrolled around the clock by a private police force, offers unparalleled privacy and security. Its residents, who include a mix of celebrities and business magnates, enjoy exclusive amenities such as a country club and a private 18-hole golf course. The island's appeal as a 'Billionaire Bunker' is further bolstered by its average house price of $29.5 million, branding it as 'the world's most exclusive municipality'.
Notable neighbors include real estate developer Jeff Sofer and NFL legend Tom Brady, setting Bezos' new mansion among the elite. The island has previously attracted high-profile residents such as Ivanka Trump, as well as Jay-Z and Beyoncé, investors Carl Icahn and Jared Kushner.
Bezos' impressive real estate portfolio, valued at more than $600 million, spans New York, Washington DC, Beverly Hills and West Texas, and now includes a private estate in Hawaii. Acquired in 2022 for an estimated $78 million, the Hawaiian property consists of three buildings and is located amid dormant lava fields, showcasing the billionaire's taste for unique and luxurious homes.
The acquisition on Indian Creek Island not only underlines Bezos' lavish lifestyle, but also highlights the exclusive nature of the island, which attracts some of the world's wealthiest individuals seeking privacy, security and luxury.

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