‘Birds of Goodness’ executes 33rd humanitarian aid airdrop in north Gaza


Abu Dhabi: Joint Operations Command of the Ministry of Defense announces the 33rd implementation airdrop humanitarian and relief aid as part of the “birds of goodness” Operation.
Two C17 aircraft belonging to the UAE Air Force and two C295 aircraft belonging to the Egyptian Air Force participated in the airdrop operation.
This airdrop was done in remote and isolated areas of the northern region. Gaza 82 tons of food and relief aid were delivered via four aircraft, bringing the total amount of aid airdropped since the beginning of the operation to 2,107 tons.
This brings the total amount of aid sent by the UAE to northern Gaza to more than 2,477 tonnes, including both land shipments through the Kerem Shalom crossing and airdrops through “Birds of Goodness”.
The “Birds of Goodness” campaign is part of Operation “Chivalrous Night 3” to support the Palestinian people in Gaza.

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