BMW, MG warned against ‘Zero Emission’ electric car ads in UK: Here’s why

Feb 8, 2024

of britain advertising regulator has ruled on that BMW And MG Motors could not claim that their electric vehicles Are “zero emission“Due to the environmental impact of their manufacturing and Power Generation,
The Advertising Standards Authority wrote about a Google ad for BMW seen in August 2023 and said it was understood the electric vehicles produced no emissions when driven. However, in other circumstances, such as manufacturing or charging electric vehicles using electricity from the national grid, emissions are generated.

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In response, the German manufacturer said the “zero emission cars” label was inserted due to Google's automated keyword feature. “We welcomed BMW's assurance that the claim will not be repeated in the future,” the ASA said.
Similarly, an advertisement of MG Motor seen on Google last August claimed that its models were “zero emissions”. AFP, citing the ASA, reported that the ad made a 'zero emissions' claim without any of the material information necessary to allow consumers to understand what it is based on.
Why was such a decision given? Are EVs really green?
The decision was taken because while electric vehicles (EVs) generate zero emissions during operation, emissions are generated during their manufacturing and charging processes, primarily from the electricity grid.Which may not be completely green.
Whether EVs are truly green depends on various factors such as the source of electricity used for charging, the manufacturing process, and the lifespan of the vehicle. EVs are generally considered greener than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles because they produce no tailpipe emissions and can be driven renewable energy sources, However, their environmental impact may vary depending on these factors.
For example, like in India, customers rely mainly on coal-generated electricity which produces emissions. If these are replaced by other forms of energy such as solar panels, it will make EVs even greener. However, this will require a lot of infrastructure development and will take years.

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