Brazil police arrest ‘masterminds’ of Rio councilmember’s 2018 murder


Rio de Janeiro: brazilian police On Sunday, three current and former officials were arrested who allegedly masterminded the 2018 the killing Rio de Janeiro city councilor marielle franco,
Franco was an outspoken Black and LGBTQ-rights campaigner who grew up in a slum and became a charismatic defender of the poor and an outspoken critic of police brutality. His murder sparked outrage in Brazil and abroad.
She was killed in a drive-by shooting along with her driver Anderson Gomes in central Rio de Janeiro on the evening of March 14, 2018. She was 38 years old.
Police have said that they believe Franco was killed for his political actions, but it was never clear who ordered the killing.
On Sunday, the Supreme Federal Court said Joao Chiquinho Brazão, a businessman and current member of Brazil's lower house, his brother, Rio Court of Auditors adviser Domingos Brazão and Rivaldo Barbosa, the former head of Rio civil police, have been detained. . ,
Supreme Federal Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes, who ordered his preventive detention, wrote in court documents, “The crime was prepared by the two brothers and carefully planned by Rivaldo.”
Brazilian Justice Minister Ricardo Lewandowski told a news conference in Brasília that the crime was “clearly of a political nature” and that the investigation on the case had ended with an arrest.
Lewandowski said “there are enough elements” in the police report for federal prosecutors to file charges against the detainees.
“Today is a major step toward finding answers to many of the questions we have been asking ourselves in recent years: Who ordered Mari's murder and why?” Franco's sister Anielle Franco, now Brazil's minister of racial equality, wrote on Twitter.
But there's still “a long way to go,” she said.
Two former police officers – Ronnie Lessa and Elcio de Queiroz – were arrested a year after the crime. Lessa was allegedly the gunman and de Queiroz was the driver of the car that pursued Franco.
Last year authorities said De Queiroz had “confirmed his and Ronnie Lessa's involvement” in the attack.
due to confession to arrest Another suspect, former firefighter Maxwell Simoes Correa.
Last week, the government announced that Lessa had also confessed.
Authorities have suggested that organized crime and paramilitary groups were involved in the killing. Franco frequently condemned the militia's abuses among Rio's poor communities.
The Franco sisters inspired other black women to enter politics.

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