BTS’ J-Hope Reflects On His 10-Year Long Dance Journey In Docu-Series


Hope on the Street Trailer: BTS's J-Hope reflects on his 10-year-long dance journey in docu-series

from still hope on the road Trailer. (courtesy: youtube)

New Delhi:

BTS rapper J-Hope is all set to take fans on a global dance journey with his upcoming documentary. hope on the roadWill premiere on Prime Video on March 27. There is a special album accompanying the series, Hope on the Street Vol. 1, scheduled to release on March 29. The six-part series will follow J-Hope as he immerses himself in different street dance cultures in different cities around the world. The trailer offers a glimpse of their encounters with diverse dance styles, including popping in Osaka, locking in Seoul, house in Paris, hip-hop in New York and neuron in Gwangju, South Korea. The documentary is a spinoff of J-Hope's long-running digital video series of the same name, which promises to be an intimate and insightful look at his relationship with dance and its impact on his life. hope on the roadIt serves not only as an exploration of dance but also as a personal journey for J-Hope. Reflecting on his roots, he expresses curiosity about the role of dance in shaping his identity and dreams for the future.

On March 14, J-Hope unveiled the trailer for his docu-series, which tells his story through the lens of his love for dance. The trailer begins with J-Hope's memories of how dance started his career, laying the foundation for his success. As he reflects on his past and present, J-Hope connects with fellow dancers who share their personal perspectives on the art form. Reflecting on his decade-long journey, J-Hope admits that dance has had a profound impact on shaping his identity. He reveals at the end of the trailer that his favorite mantra is 'Just Dance', which echoes the title of one of his iconic songs.

hope on the road It is scheduled to premiere on March 28 at midnight IST via Prime Video and TV. Concurrently, J-Hope's special album HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1 Will be released on March 29 at 1 pm IST. moreover, Hope on the Street Vol. 1 Following the success of J-Hope's previous album, Jack in the Boxwhich topped the World Albums, peaked at number 4 on the Top Rap Albums, and reached number 6 on the Billboard 200. Hit singles like arson And MoreThe album showcased J-Hope's versatility as an artist. Last year, he released two notable singles: Huh?! In collaboration with fellow BTS member August D (SUGA), and on the road J. with Cole, which debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number 60, becoming J-Hope's highest entry on the chart to date. After enlisting in the military in April 2023, J-Hope is scheduled to return after completing his mandatory service in October 2024.

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