Cannes 2024: India Pavilion opens at festival with a new name ‘Bharat Pavilion’


Festival workers roll out the red carpet at the Palace of Festivals on the opening day of the 77th International Film Festival in Cannes, southern France, on Tuesday, May 14, 2024.

Festival workers roll out the red carpet at the Palais des Festivals on the opening day of the 77th International Film Festival, Cannes, southern France, Tuesday, May 14, 2024. Photo Credit: Daniel Cole

The India Pavilion, which has been renamed as India Pavilion, at the 77th Cannes Film Festival was formally opened on Wednesday morning.

Explaining the logic behind the name change, Sanjay Jaju, Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, said: “It symbolizes the country's emphasis on traditional storytelling practices, while it actively seeks collaboration with the rest of the world.” Is in.”

Jaju said, “India is the anchor of the world.” The secretary said, the presence of a large number of Indians at the festival is a recognition of that situation.

Jaju said the astonishing diversity of films made in India and the growing importance of the diaspora have increased the reach and influence of the country's “soft touch”. He said that he would avoid using the word “power” in the context of India. Cinema.

“We are delighted that India is back in the Cannes competition with a film from a talented young filmmaker,” he said. “The festival is a platform for networking and collaboration beyond geographical boundaries.”

Among others present at the inauguration were Christian Jeune, Deputy Artistic Director of the Cannes Film Festival, Indian-Canadian filmmaker Richie Mehta (known in India for the web shows “Delhi Crime” and “Poacher”) and the Indian Ambassador to France. Javed Ashraf was involved. ,

“For many people, the Cannes Film Festival is about fashion and red carpets, but more than anything it is about cinema and the business of filmmaking,” Ashraf said in his address.

“The festival brings together the best of world cinema and the work of filmmakers who will be the best in the future,” Ashraf said.

The Ambassador said, the substantial number of Indian films at this year's Cannes Film Festival is an acknowledgment of the growth of Indian cinema in terms of diversity of genres, themes and approaches.

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