‘Cannibal claims’: Joe Biden recounts WWII story of uncle’s disappearance


New Delhi: US President Joe Biden has attracted attention by a claim regarding his uncle's fortune during second World War, suggesting that he was eaten by cannibals after his plane was shot down in the Pacific. The statement was made during a campaign stop where Biden recalled an incident involving his uncle, 2nd Lt. Ambrose Finnegan, whose plane crashed in May 1944.
“He was shot in an area where there were a lot of cannibals at that time,” Biden told reporters in Scranton, Pennsylvania. “They never recovered his body, but when I went there and they investigated the government backed out.” Some parts of the plane were found.”
However, military records From the Pentagon's agency for prisoners of war And missing in action presents a different story. According to these records, Finnegan was not shot down, but was instead on a courier mission when his A-20 Havoc light bomber suffered engine failure at low altitude and fell into the ocean off New Guinea. A Fox News report stated that the official account stated that only one of the three crew members survived, rescued by a passing boat, while Finnegan and another crew member Could not get out of the sinking plane.
This is not the first time Biden has been known to repeat personal stories that later faced scrutiny. His political career is replete with such examples, including a debunked claim of being arrested while attempting to meet Nelson Mandela in South Africa.
His uncle's story came to light as Biden used it to contrast his values ​​to those of his potential rival and predecessor, Donald Trump. During a speech to union members in Pittsburgh, Biden referenced a controversial article by The Atlantic that alleged Trump had insulted fallen American soldiers. Trump strongly denied these claims and described them as “more fabricated fake news.”

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