Celebrating empowerment: Khatija Rahman features in Woman of Power anthem


Sterlin Nithya, Khatija Rehman, Lavita Lobo at the launch of music video Woman of Power

Music Video Woman of Power | Sterlin Nithya, Khatija Rehman, Lavita Lobo at the launch of Photo Courtesy: Special Arrangement

After the dust has settled on Women's Day celebrations, a song celebrating the empowerment of the common woman and her struggle for financial independence has emerged. A music video featuring singer Khatija Rehman, composer and music director Sterlin Nithya and lyricist Lavita Lobo was recently launched in Chennai.

Veena K and CK Kumaravel, founders and co-founders of Naturals Salon, facilitated the anthem with the aim of inspiring conversations around women empowerment. The launch event of the music video titled 'Women of Power' drew attention to the often overlooked aspirations and capabilities of women beyond their roles as mothers, wives and daughters.

still from the music video

Still from the music video | Photo Credit: YouTube

The music video, which is now streaming on YouTube, attempts to inspire women to pursue their ambitions independently. Khatija Rehman said, “Singing this anthem was not just about the music; It was about elevating the voices of many women.”

Sterlin Nitya expressed satisfaction at making music with fellow powerful women. “I have always felt that these women are very inspiring, and I wanted to work with them. It seemed like the perfect opportunity,” he said, highlighting the fact that the songs written by Lavita helped him take the music video in a better direction.

'Women of Power' was conceptualized over the course of four months, with the video showcasing the challenges faced by women constrained by financial limitations. Featuring real-life women, it celebrates their resilience and triumphs, and how they pursued their dreams beyond maternal responsibilities.

Lavita Lobo shared insight into the creative process, saying, “We didn't want to bring brand names into the song and wanted it to be independent. “We came up with the term ‘powerful women’ and stuck with it because it resonated with us.”

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