Chennai’s KC High celebrates its 25th year with an art symposium


To mark its 25th year, KC High hosts an event called the KC High Art Symposium. Every year, in March, Chennai School is known to organize an annual art fair, but this year, the scale of the event has increased. Featuring renowned names from Chennai's traditional and contemporary art practices, the event will feature workshops, panel discussions, performances and seminars over two days.

The event focuses on the theme of sustainability in art, focusing on the need to be conscious of our surroundings. Tholu Bommalatha artist Anjanappa Kandey from Andhra Pradesh will perform leather puppet show Mahabharata; Aparajithan Adimoolam will lead a session on the Madras Art School and its impact on the cultural landscape of Chennai. Chennai-based glass artist Radhika Krish will present a lecture on Sustainable Art – Exploring with Recycled Glass. Selvakannan Rathinam from SK's The Lines & Curves Art Gallery will be hosting a wonderful art display.

While KC High art students will hold a panel discussion on Art Then and Now: Sustainability in the Arts, young artist Sai Akhil Anand, 12, will discuss the connection between mathematics and art.

Activities included a paper mask making workshop, sustainable arts workshop by Kochi Biennale Foundation, a cloth weaving workshop by Naresh Ramasubramaniam of Shuttles & Needles, cyanotype workshop by Varun Gupta of Chennai Photo Biennale Foundation, workshop by Cheriyal folk artists of Telangana, and Are. A terracotta clay workshop by artist Ravindran Velusamy.

On March 22 and 23 from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm. To know more, write to

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